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Progress Report for William Paterson University of New Jersey

Submitted on Jan. 10, 2012; Last updated on Feb. 25, 2013

The Progress Report is intended to help signatories assess and track progress toward the goals outlined
in their Climate Action Plans and to share that progress with their stakeholders and the general public.

General Statement of Progress

WPUNJ is aggressively applying Sustainability criteria in its decisions, and it is reaping gains both environmental and financial. Sustainability is found at the intersection of Environmental Stewardship and application of solid business principles. In application of these dual criteria, social benefit is realized. Representatives participate in community outreach along with efforts in government. Staff has presented at such gatherings as Smart and Sustainable Campuses Conference.

When we first committed to this initiative, we were enthusiastic but skeptical. We are now disciples of Sustainability, believe Carbon and Climate Neutrality is very possible, and fully intend to remain a leader in such efforts.

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GHG Emissions & Reduction Targets

Climate Neutrality Target Date: 2065
Interim Milestone Emission-Reduction Target Target Date Baseline*
30% reduction in Total Scopes 1, 2, 3 Emissions by 2015 relative to baseline emissions in 2008
50% reduction in Total Scopes 1, 2, 3 Emissions by 2025 relative to baseline emissions in 2008
80% reduction in Total Scopes 1, 2, 3 Emissions by 2045 relative to baseline emissions in 2008
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GHGs summary

GHGs for William Paterson University of New Jersey
Reporting Year Gross Emissions Net Emissions Full Time Enrollments Total Bldg. Sq. Ft. [action]
2008 41902.0 41902.0 7637.0 1887094.0 [ view ]
2010 56270.0 56270.0 8437.0 1988657.0 [ view ]
  • Change in GHG gross emissions


    This represents substantial progress that supported an earlier completion. Per earlier "rules" we cannot claim gains from our very large PV installation without controlling SRECs; however, we will include them in future updates since we intend to take ownership after 7th year of PPA. Solar did not provide gains in most recent (2010) GHG Report

  • Change in GHG emissions per 1000 sq.ft. building space


    Progress indicated in gross emissions' change is gained without purchase of offsets. Although we applaud more wealthy institutions for doing so as it supports technological improvement, we decided to show what can be done without it.

  • Change in GHG emissions per full time enrollment (FTE)


    We have continued to reduce emissions despite growth in both building space and enrollment.

Education, Research, & Community Engagement


  • How is your institution making climate neutrality and sustainability a part of the curriculum and other educational experiences for all students?

    Specific and general information can be found at

  • Education methods in use

    • Included sustainability learning outcomes into institutional General Education Requirements.
    • Other - Provide BS and BA degrees in Environmental Sciences. We have a kiosk on public display showing live results and historical gains from PV installations. Earth First, a student Environmental Club is supported through SGA.

  • Does your institution offer an undergraduate degree program(s) related to climate change/sustainability?

    Specific and general information can be found at

  • Does your institution offer a graduate degree program in climate change/sustainability?



  • Does your institution have a central sustainability website that consolidates information about the institution's sustainability efforts?


  • Does your institution include sustainability prominently in new student orientation?

    Environmental Sciences faculty and staff participate in new and transfer student Orientation programs.


  • If applicable, how is your institution expanding research efforts toward the achievement of climate neutrality research?

    One motive for our pursuing our very large PV installation was to push technology along "the learning curve".

  • Does your institution have a program to encourage student climate and or sustainability research?


  • Does your institution have a program to encourage faculty climate and or sustainability research?


Community Engagement

  • How is your institution expanding community outreach efforts toward the achievement of climate neutrality?

    We provide tours, presentations, and information to municipal governments, commercial enterprises, organizations, schools, and religious groups. Representative appointed to task force to develop an Energy and sustainability section of Passaic County Master Plan.

  • Does your institution participate in community climate change and or sustainability partnerships?

    Climate Action Committee (an Environmental organization of University faculty and staff) and Earth First (student Environmental Club) engage in outreach activities such as meetings, civic projects, and Earth Day events. A representative of WPUNJ was appointed to a task force to develop Energy and Sustainability section of Passaic County Master Plan. We have taken informational and planning meetings with Wayne Township and City of Paterson governmental bodies.

  • Has your institution advocated for federal, state, and/or local public policies that support campus sustainability or that otherwise advance your goal of climate neutrality?

    We have had dialogue with NJ DEP and BPU to explore changes to Net Metering laws that we feel would facilitate very large PV and Wind Energy projects for Commercial, government entities, neighborhood organizations, and higher education campuses.

Energy & Finances

Energy Efficiency Projects

  • Number of Energy Efficiency Retrofit Projects planned, but not yet implemented:


  • Number of Energy Efficiency Retrofit Projects completed since signing the ACUPCC:


  • Number of buildings that have received a green building certification since signing the ACUPCC:


  • Number of green buildings planned or scheduled for completion in the next 2 years:


  • For all buildings, the green building certification/rating used is:


Renewable Energy

  • Annual output (in kWhs) for each renewable energy system utilized by William Paterson University of New Jersey

    • Solar output: 4088000 kWh

  • Other GHG mitigation efforts:
    Planned projects include PV Phase II & III, LED external, LED internal, eCube Phase II, Smart Buildings Project, Library HVAC equipment and controls, Solar Hot Water, additional electric vehicles, wind turbines.

Financial Data

  • Has your Climate Action Plan and/or related sustainability efforts saved your institution money so far, e.g. by reducing operational expenses?


  • Amount spent on CAP projects:


  • Estimated amount saved to date from implementing your CAP projects:


  • Estimated total savings expected from implementing entire Climate Action Plan


  • Additional information or context to support expected savings:

    From the beginning of FY2002 to end of FY2008, we had spent less than $250K of University funds for implementation of energy reduction projects (although grants and rebates were also used). Proven energy savings for same time was $10.5 Million. Since then, we have passed $17 Million in savings with little more investment. We are currently implementing Smart Buildings Project with ARRA grant funding of just over $1 Million.
  • Financial resources (dollar amount) secured from outside sources to support mitigation efforts related to the Climate Action Plan (grants, gifts, etc...) :


  • Additional information on secured outside funding:

    Context of outside funding: Light Retrofits and occupancy sensors were partially funded through NJ Smart Start. Induction Lighting funded through $175K PSE&G grant. Smart Buildings Project funded by $1.2 M ARRA grant. PV installed via a PPA.
finance methods...
  • Financing Methods utilized for Mitigation or Renewable Energy Projects:
    • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)
    • Renegotiating Purchased Utilities Agreements
    • Other
        NJ Smart Start rebates, NJ EDA loan/grant for PV, PSE&G grant, ARRA grant.

Non-public data

This data is available to signatories with reporting system access.
"" fields in which no data was submitted have been omitted from this report