Reporting System

Implementation Profile for Philadelphia University

Submitted on July 8, 2011; last updated on May 13, 2014

Institution Information

Commitment Type Carbon
Basic Carnegie Classification Masters College
Control Private not-for-profit
Location Philadelphia, PA
Community Setting Large city
USDOE Climate Zone 3
Current President or Chancellor's Name Stephen Spinelli Jr.
Current President or Chancellor's Title President
Main Website
Sustainability Website
Additional Urls No information provided

Implementation Structure

Institutional Format Committee
Number of Individuals in Structure 11-20
Stakeholder Groups Represented Faculty, Students, , Executive, Staff
Description Philadelphia University's sustainability related initiatives, committees, and student groups in different formats, have been in existence for over two decades.

During that time the Physical Plant has been primarily responsible for an ongoing baseline of improvements, along with tracking from an operational standpoint.

Over the past few years sustainability has blossomed on campus in all aspects, and become much more integrated and interactive. In response to that we have evolved to a sustainability steering committee structure with representation from operations, administration, public relations, graduate and undergraduate faculty from all three colleges, student group representation including the Student Organization for Sustainable Action (SOSA), and a graduate intern.

The sustainability steering committee is now chaired by Geoffrey Cromarty, VP of Administration / COO. Tom Schrand is the primary faculty representative of the undergraduate program in Environmental Sustainability, and Rob Fleming represents our graduate sustainability programs. Student organizations are also represented. It's member count adjusts but is nominally around 12.

We are focusing and aligning priorities and ad hoc sub-committees related to desired STARS initiatives, along with supporting efforts brought forth by the student groups, but have not formally adopted STARS.
Committees and Groups with whom Institution coordinates No information provided
Implementation Liaison's Name J. Thomas Becker
Implementation Liaison's Title Assoc VP for Operations, Sustainability Steering Committee
Implementation Liaison's Department Physical Plant