Reporting System

Instructions for Requesting an Extension

In the event that an institution will be unable to meet the GHG Report, Climate Action Plan, or Progress Report reporting deadlines despite its best efforts, a request for an extension may be submitted. Extensions are not granted for Implementation Profiles. Up to 4 months may be granted for any GHG report, up to two 4 month extensions may be granted for the Climate Action Plan, and up to 4 months may be granted for the Progress Report

Signatories should apply for an extension as soon as they become aware that they will be unable to fulfill their reporting requirement. Until an extension is granted, an institution whose report is overdue will be listed as out of fulfillment on the reporting page of the web site. It may take several days before an institution is notified of the extension decision so signatories are encouraged to apply well before the deadline.

To request an extension now, please log in and fill out the Request an Extension form. A link to this form can also be found at the bottom of My Reports.