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Climate Action Plan for University of Maine at Machias

Submitted on September 16, 2010; last updated on March 29, 2012

Climate Action Plan Details

Climate Action Plan UMM Climate Action Plan
September 15, 2010
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Emissions Targets

Climate Neutrality Target
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If you have any qualifying statements with regard to the climate neutrality target date, please include them here, and/or if you have chosen "TBD" and not specified a neutrality date, please enter the reason and explain the process for establishing a target date in the future.

We have adopted goals of a 20% reduction by 2020 and a 80% reduction by 2050. A target date for climate neutrality will be set as we progress towards these goals.

Interim Milestone Emission-Reduction Target Target Date Baseline
20% reduction in Total Scopes 1, 2, 3 Emissions by 2020 relative to baseline emissions in 2008
80% reduction in Total Scopes 1, 2, 3 Emissions by 2050 relative to baseline emissions in 2008
Nonstandard Emissions Targets
Please enter below any targets that do not fit into the above format.

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Please describe your institution's greenhouse gas mitigation strategies.

Raise awareness of our commitment to carbon neutrality and increase support for and involvement in sustainability initiatives campus wide.

Efficiency upgrading projects should be prioritized by those that will give the most immediate savings (installation of control equipment) and those that can be tied in with other needed upgrades and repairs (increasing insulation as a part of roof replacement).

Adoption of renewable energy systems will be crucial to meeting the goal of carbon neutrality and will become more economically viable as efficiency upgrades are completed.

The purchase of offsets should be seen as a last resort for achieving carbon neutrality when efficiency and conservation measures have been exhausted or when the cost of offsetting becomes more economical.

Please describe your institution's plans to make sustainability a part of the curriculum for all students.

As an Environmental Liberal Arts institution UMM strives to incorporate sustainability into all aspects of student's lives. Climate neutrality has been incorporated into a range of courses including, Economics, Science, and Outdoor Recreation. Many Students and Student groups are involved in activities outside of classes such as the campus organic garden, Earth Day celebrations, and Green Campus Steering Committee activities.

Please describe your institution's plans to expand research efforts toward the achievement of climate neutrality.

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Please describe your institution's plans to expand community outreach efforts toward the achievement of climate neutrality.

As an Environmental Liberal Arts school we attempt to integrate the idea of sustainable living into campus life both in and out of the classroom.

The Greening the O’Brien House project will renovate the historic presidents house with the latest green materials and products. This will provide students with opportunities for hands on experience in both paid and volunteer positions and serve as a resource to the greater community. The project is a featured commitment to action through the Clinton Global Initiative University.

The campus Organic Garden is operated by students and faculty in the Environmental Studies program and delivers hundreds of pounds of fresh produce to the local food pantry.

UMM has a long history of environmental education with courses in outdoor recreation, and marine and environmental sciences.

Student groups such as the Green Counsel and the Science Club have been involved in recycling programs, Earth week celebrations and the production of maple syrup from trees on campus. The Outing Club provides opportunities for all students to experience our unique environment with hiking biking and kayak trips throughout the year.