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Climate Action Plan for Creighton University

Submitted on June 5, 2013; last updated on June 5, 2013

Climate Action Plan Details

Climate Action Plan Creighton University Climate Action Plan
May 15, 2013
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Emissions Targets

Climate Neutrality Target
If you have any qualifying statements with regard to the climate neutrality target date, please include them here, and/or if you have chosen "TBD" and not specified a neutrality date, please enter the reason and explain the process for establishing a target date in the future.

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Interim Milestone Emission-Reduction Target Target Date Baseline
40% reduction in Total Scopes 1, 2, 3 Emissions by 2028 relative to baseline emissions in 2010
50% reduction in Total Scopes 1, 2, 3 Emissions by 2035 relative to baseline emissions in 2010
Nonstandard Emissions Targets
Please enter below any targets that do not fit into the above format.

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Please describe your institution's greenhouse gas mitigation strategies.

Creighton's plan focuses mostly on reducing energy usage and changing the modes of transportation used on campus. Energy use reduction strategies include green building standards, preventive maintenance, energy conservation, building re-commissioning and tune-ups, and inclusion of more renewable-energy strategies on campus. Transportation strategies include reducing the amount of fuel consumed by the fleet, reducing commuting, and reducing university-financed travel. In all cases, outreach and behavior change strategies are integral to the plan.

Offsets will only be considered at the end of the planning horizon and only after all other options have been explored.

Please describe your institution's plans to make sustainability a part of the curriculum for all students.

Creighton already offers several majors that focus on sustainability, including two in Energy Technology and one in Environmental Sciences. A fourth is in development. Additionally, a wide variety of classes are and will continue to be offered across a wide range of disciplines, including but not limited to chemistry, biology, theology, and English. A sustainability institute, which could be leveraged to coordinate technology, scholarship, student engagement, and research activities on campus, is in the early evaluation stage.

Please describe your institution's plans to expand research efforts toward the achievement of climate neutrality.

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Please describe your institution's plans to expand community outreach efforts toward the achievement of climate neutrality.

Creighton regularly hosts on-campus events that are open to the public and are related to sustainability and climate neutrality. Recent offerings include Earth Day and St. Francis Day celebrations, the annual Religion and Environment Lecture, and the inaugural “We Matter Climate Walk”. These events will continue and are planned to expand through the years. Our on-campus renewable energy projects are intended to be teaching tools for both our students and the community at large. Additionally, Creighton plans to advocate for a community alliance group to encourage local energy providers to increase their use of renewable energy. The university looks forward to partnerships with sustainability-focused groups across the city.